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Radio Call In: Inventor Says Pot Breathalyzer Can Help America’s Deadly Drugged Driving Problem

April 28, 2017

Listen here as Mike Lynn joins the Tom Sullivan Show to discuss marijuana-impaired driving and provides an update on Hound Labs’ progress.

State Patrol in 2nd Year of Testing Roadside Marijuana Devices

April 27, 2017

“We don’t want a device that says you smoked pot three days ago and gets you arrested. That’s pointless,” said Hound Labs CEO Dr. Mike Lynn, who is an emergency medicine physician and reserve deputy sheriff. “People who smoke pot tend to get high and then it gets into their bloodstream very, very quickly. After…

ABC 10: Northern California company tests marijuana breathalyers

December 29, 2016

-Watch the full video

Friday’s Morning Meeting – Interview with Jenny Lynn, Co-Founder of Hound Labs

December 23, 2016

Please skip to 2:35:40 for the interview with Jenny Lynn -Listen here

Fox News: New Breathalyzer Detects Marijuana

November 17, 2016

–Watch Full Video

About Hound Labs, Inc.

Hound Labs, Inc. is a scientific device company that developed the first technology to rapidly, accurately, and inexpensively detect and measure the levels of both marijuana and alcohol in a person’s breath. Dr. Mike Lynn, an ER physician, reserve deputy sheriff, and former venture capitalist and Mr. Kuni Oh, a patent attorney with deep technical background in engineering and science co-founded the Oakland-based company in 2014.

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