Marijuana-Impaired Driving in the News

This collection of news articles covers marijuana-related driving accidents across the country. Compiled for the Hound Foundation, these news articles illustrate the dangers of driving after recent marijuana use and the dangers of combining alcohol and marijuana.

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Protecting Drivers from Misleading Data

While there are various methods of detecting and measuring THC in a driver who law enforcement suspects of impaired driving, a breath test is the only one that provides data on whether the driver used THC within a couple of hours of driving.  In this paper, David N. Cornfield MD, from Stanford University, explains why…

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Understanding How We Tackled Drunk Driving in the 1980s and 1990s Is Important to Know as We Begin to Address Stoned Driving.

Retired CHP (California Highway Patrol) Commissioner, Spike Helmick, helped to establish current alcohol DUI standards. We have a lot to learn from his truly unique perspective which he developed over his 35-year career as a patrol officer and as CHP Commissioner. Retired Commissioner Helmick worked closely with the California state legislature and three California governors…

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