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Why test breath?

Testing breath is the only way to determine recent marijuana use, and to correlate the resulting measurement with impairment. Hound Labs CEO, Dr. Mike Lynn, explains why this is crucial for both safety and fairness.

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Marijuana-Impaired Driving in the News

This collection of news articles covers marijuana-related driving accidents across the country. Compiled for the Hound Foundation, these news articles illustrate the dangers of driving after recent marijuana use and the dangers of combining alcohol and marijuana.

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Start Rolling Your Blunts: 2016 Was A Very Good Year for Weed

“California police officers collaborated with Hound Labs, which developed a breathalyzer to detect THC levels, to pull over erratic drivers and ask them to voluntarily blow into the device. (Since this was only for testing purposes, the drivers didn’t face arrest, unless they were drunk.) While other weed breathalyzers merely detect the presence of THC, the Hound…

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